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Nissan is the second biggest auto maker in Japan. Years ago they were called Datsun but have since changed the name to Nissan. Pickup trucks from Nissan have been popular for a long time and the Patrol SUV is extremely capable off road and for modifications. Unfortunately the Patrol is not available in the US.

Cooler 4x4 Nissan trucks!

4x4 Nissan Iceland

4x4 Nissan is an extremely popular choice for a fully modified offroad vehicle Icelandic style. The Patrol is big and has a good strong driveline. On 44 inch tires there is not much stopping these polar bears.

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Nissan Patrol 1993 - 44 Inch Modification

Óskar Erlingsson in Iceland has made all the necessary changes to fit 44 inch Fun Country tires under his monster Nissan Patrol. Serious work has been done on the drive train and engine with more to come. The Ultimate Datsun ...modified Nissan Patrol 1993 on 44 inch tires.

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Nissan Patrol 2001on 44 inch tires

Björgvin goes wheeling mostly in Iceland highlands during the winter time and also in the summer time. Nissan Patrol 2001 44 inch tires all available radio and communication equipment. Differential locks on both back and front wheels.

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2005 Nissan Pathfinder

2005 Nissan Pathfinder - Dennis from USA usually goes to get dirty to the San Gabriel Canyon OHV park in Los Angeles, but has also explored the back side on Bear Mountain, a couple trails near Lake Ellsinore, Valencia/Santa Clarita, but the biggest one on his "to do" list is Oceano Dunes...

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Nissan Patrol 4.2 TDi Power?

I'm just admiring your 4x4 vehicles and what you do in Iceland. Here in Aus we tend to worry more about mud and dust - more dust than mud lately. I'm impressed with the size of tyres you can use. I'm about to raise my Patrol and currently run 33-inch tyres. I'd like to go to 35s but we're very mindful of the lack of power of the Patrol 4.2 TDi. Out of factory we only get approx 80HP at the rear wheels. I've got some mods made which I now get 110HP. A little better performance which was needed when I went to the 33-inch tyres. What engine mods do you guys do to be able to drive those 44-inch tyres and all the stuff you carry at the back. Yes I'm very jealous. I'd love the 44-inch solution but I wont be able to fit on our crappy road systems in Australia. Let me know what sort of engines you have available to you and what sort of power you are able to achieve.

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2003 Nissan X-Trail

2003 Nissan X-Trail Craig's parents will be giving him their old Nissan x-trial and he will be doing every thing to make it mean and go hard so it stands out from the crowd. The local 4WD shop says it can be raised 7" with out cutting the independent suspension.

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2004 SAS Nissan Frontier - Gumybob

Golden Spike in Moab May 2010 Bob had the 2004 SAS Nissan Frontier - Gumybob since it was new, went through many modifications till the SAS. Engine is still stock.

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2005 Nissan Patrol 4x4

2005 Nissan Patrol 4x4 - Salmon likes to take his Patrol wheeling in the Kuwait desert and Saudi Arabia. The terrain is like soft landscape and sand. He likes to meet with a big group of 4x4 cars for camping and take his new 4x4 and add strange accessories and find things to add to his Nissan Patrol 4x4.

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1995 Nissan Patrol 4.2L SGL

Cjarles' Nissan Patrol is a 1995 4.2L SGL S/W. He has done a few modifications to the suspension namely increasing the ride height adding longer coils and shocks and fitting MAXXIS Bighorn MudTerain tyres.

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1986 Nissan Patrol Super Roof 160 3.3Td

1986 Nissan Patrol Super Roof 160 3.3Td - Inge likes to go wheeling everywhere but Iceland and Australia is the big dream she has. Australia is too far and to expensive to take the car but Iceland she is going some day with her Patrol.

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1991 GQ Nissan Patrol Wagon 7 Seater

Pete from Australia goes all over the country of Victoria on his 1991 GQ Nissan Patrol Wagon 7 Seater. Lately they have been going through the Wombat state forest. Its full of mud, shale, water and big deep holes !!!! Steep hills up and down make it a real challenge to negotiate.

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2002 Nissan Patrol Y61

2002 Nissan Patrol Y61 Klavs from Denmark has already done some mods to his Patrol: 33" MT, 3" straight through exhaust, Safari Snorkel. More is coming: 3" EMU suspension lift, possible 35" MT, ARB Roof Rack, ARB Winch Bumper, Warn Winch

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2005 Nissan Titan KC SE 4x4 Galaxy Black

2005 Nissan Titan KC SE 4x4 - Bill lives in Reno Nevada and basically goes all over Nevada with his shining Nissan Titan. The Rubicon, Peavine, Hunter lake, Pine Nut Mountain, Barker Pass Loop, that's just to name a few.

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2001 Nissan Patrol cab-chassis

2001 Nissan Patrol cab-chassis Tanya from Australia goes wheeling in the Nissan patrol pickup to the Landcruiser Mountain Park in Queensland. Terrain ranges from easy to very difficult with lots of rocks.

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Thrandur Arnthorsson

Thrandur is the chief-editor and owner of 4x4 Off Roads and an 4x4 off road enthusiast. Living in Iceland he loves to share the coolest 4x4 trucks and supporting more offroad freedom.
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