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4x4 GMC

GMC brand 4x4s are really the same 4x4 trucks and SUV's that are also branded as Chevrolet.

GMC 2500 4x4 with 4" ground clearance stock

  by John (Canada) I have a 2010 GMC 2500 with about 30k on it so far. I work in construction in the bush and while the truck behaves sluggish and sedate on the highway where it truly fails in any terrain no flat. Horrible throttle response and silly plastic air dam that rides 100mm […]

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1994 GMC full size extended cab 4x4

1994 GMC full size extended cab 4x4 - This is Steve's first actual truck, his other one went to hell a year after he had it! He says he cant live without his truck, it gets him into trouble and out of trouble. He says: "if a truck isn't 4x4 it isn't a truck, and if its too loud or too high, ur too dam old- loud pipes save lives".

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1990 GMC Sierra Short Bed

1990 GMC Sierra Short Bed George lives in the mountains of Pa. and has strip-cuts all around his home to go play in. He is not much for hill climbing but if he sees a mud hole, look out. George loves to put his GMC in the mud and spit it all over anyone standing close by!

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1973 GMC/ 1987 S-10 Hybrid

1973 GMC/ 1987 S-10 Hybrid - Lanny Irby's GMC/S-10 hybrid is all show! Every nut & bolt, glass, seals, weather stripping, bearing, bushing, etc. on this truck is NEW!!!

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