4x4 Jeep

From the very first Jeep built in 1940 for the military it's main purpose has been to take it off-roads. To this day the Jeep is extremely popular for all kinds of use and modifications.

Hawaii Offroading: Mudding the Tube Sock!


Hawaii - what a sweet place to go offroading 🙂 Fred from Dirt Every Day takes his slightly modified Jeep up the trails with the locals. The scenery is just amazing and hitting the dirt of the tropical jungle over there looks fun.

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Jeep Rescue - Search and Rescue


The Jeep Rescue is Jeep capability taken to the extreme, it is uniquely equipped for unequalled search and rescue service

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Jeep Hurricane - Concept


Jeep Hurricane - Concept "Jeep Hurricane is simply the most maneuverable, most capable and most powerful 4x4 ever built," said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President - Chrysler Group Design. "It pays homage to the extreme enthusiasts' Jeep vehicles in form and off-road capability, but is a unique interpretation of Jeep design. Simply stated, it is the extreme example for the Jeep brand."

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Jeep Jamboree USA


Jeep Jamboree USA Are you ready for the greatest off-roading experience the Continental United States has to offer? Do you fancy yourself a tough rock crawler that can handle some of the toughest terrain North American can throw at you?

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VIDEO: Jeep CJ3B - In this video I will show you a restored classic flatfender Jeep - the Jeep CJ3B. The Willys Universal Jeep CJ-3B was first built in the early 1950's and continued for many years and later with licencing by other manufatureres.

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Easter Jeep Safari - What makes it so special?


Easter Jeep Safari - What makes it so special? - Easter Jeep Safari is one of the largest and most exciting 4x4 event in the United States, and offroading vehicles come from all over the country to take part in this event. The city of Moab, Utah is home to the 9-day event, which is held around Easter every year.

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1953 Willys Flatfender Jeep


1953 Willys Flatfender Jeep - Brian takes his sweet 53 Flatfender wheeling in Washington state, Mt. Rainier, Evans Creek ORV park, 28 acres of trails, for Jeeps, ATV's, bikes, on the side of a mountain, very challenging for short wheel base vehicles, dry during summer, muddy during fall, snow in winter.

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Willys in Pakistan

Willys in Pakistan - In Pakistan Willys are really popular specially in Rawalpindi, a city of Pakistan. In Rawalpindi there's an area where all the Jeeps specially 1942 Willys and 1952 M3bs are restored. Here it's easy because we can find their original bodies and parts from auction.

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Rick's CJ-3B Jeep - Home made 100%


Rick's CJ-3B Jeep Home made 100% Fiberglass body 5'' longer 4'' wider the a stock 3B, 2''x4'' box frame, 302ci, C-6, NP-205, ford 9'' front and back with locker's and disc brakes, 5.43's, 35 spline axles, 4 link with coil's up front, 3 link with coil's in the rear, 2'' six point roll bar, 9000i winch, 35'' BFG's.

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Original Jeep Willys

  by Thrandur (Reykjavik, Iceland) Old Jeep Willys with modifications The original Jeep was produced by Willys Overland for the US army during WWII. Its light weight along with durability and four wheel drive allowed it to be used for some impressive off road situations. Right after the war the Jeeps remained in the countries […]

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Jeep, Toyota & Land Rover very good - Chevy & GMC worst

  by Jacobo (Brownsville, TX, USA) Had: Silverado HD 2500 4x4 and always got stuck never could get out of anything, GMC same as Chevy. But had also: Range Rover: Great 4x4 but always something got screwed and had to call service to come and tow it away. And parts took weeks to come in. […]

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