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number of other brands are producing 4x4s and some individuals have even added 4 wheel drive to rigs that never ware designed for it.

1964 Hanomag Al28 4x4


Rick Botts owns this trusty 1964 Hanomag Al28 4x4. He lives in Germany and offroad vehicles are his way of life! He also owns a Lada Niva 4x4 and a dunebuggy. The Truck is only a 2,7l Diesel with a blower and the max speed is 80 km/h. Only modifications are a new solar battery charger and new tires. The […]

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Pinzgauer VS Suburban


Pinzgauer VS Suburban Clay started off last Summer season just busting buttons, after close to twenty years of giving 4X4 tours in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, he was finally getting a chance to drive a vehicle that was truly different.

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This is a tale of three 1973 Scouts

This is a tale of three 1973 Scouts - Recently I was skittering through the Internet looking for some off-road activities when I blundererd into: 4x4OffRoads.com. - This is the start of an article that I just received from a friend in Canada. It was published in Old Autos - a Canadian newspaper.

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"Supapanda" Peter Phillpotts from UK just made this light and capable special built "Supapanda" from 1978 Cherokee 360 V8 Auto mechanicals and axles, with 1988 Panda 4x4 body sides. Weighing in at only 1250 kg and with lots of work in the thinking and building it will be a dream to use off road!

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International Scout "THE" Original Make Your Own Road 4x4

by Chris T (Sac, CA) There is nothing that can top the experiences one can have in the ol Intl Scout trucks and Travelalls. I grew up going camping and on muddy trails with 8-10" of sludge coming up to the door level. Never once did we get stuck in our 79 Intl Scout 2 […]

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Former Fire Trucks

Former Fire Trucks - Jim has two former fire trucks. One is a Volvo and the other a Unimog. He takes them to trails in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Mostly forested trails and roads.

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Fiat Hummer Concept Oltre

Fiat Hummer Concept Oltre Fiat Hummer Concept that they name "Oltre Fiat" was premiered in Bologna Motor Show this winter. The Fiat Hummer is an interesting concept. It is based on a military vehicle so it has little luxury.

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FIAT Campagnola 1107  1978 - 4X4

FIAT Campagnola 1107 1978 - 4X4 - Dragan from Macedonia has already invested in his Campagnola 22.000 euros. If somebody from Fiat sponsored him with some new parts, this vehicle will be (and it already is) the only one piece in the world of it's kind.

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1980 Plymouth Trailduster

1980 Plymouth Trailduster - Garfield uses the Trailduster as a daily driver but the truck is happiest when playing at the Mud Drag Pits. Still making improvements, and Beefing up the performance. Always looking for new venues to have fun at.

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