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4x4 Mudding

Fun in the mud in Louisiana with some white chicks twerking and listening to rap music! What could go wrong? Looks pretty redneck to me 🙂 More Fun Mudding Articles

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Hawaii Offroading: Mudding the Tube Sock!

Hawaii - what a sweet place to go offroading 🙂 Fred from Dirt Every Day takes his slightly modified Jeep up the trails with the locals. The scenery is just amazing and hitting the dirt of the tropical jungle over there looks fun.

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Sweet and Sassy Racing

Sweet and Sassy Racing Most 8-year-old kids enjoy playing in the mud. Makayla Galyean has decided to take that one step further. And she’s already making a name for herself. Galyean, who is in her first year as a mud racer, is the driver of the Sweet and Sassy Racing truck.

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