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Formula Offroad Extreme 2017 - Akranes Iceland

Results - Unlimited Magnus Sigurdsson - Cube- 1168 Haukur Vidar Einarsson - Hekla - 1021 Atli Jamil Asgeirsson - Thunderbolt - 1005   Results - Street Legal Sveinbjorn Reynisson Haukur Birgisson Steingrimur Bjarnason  

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Formula Off Road Hella!

Formula Off Road Hella race from the Weekend 7.-8. May 2016! Amazing stunts of the Formula Offroad masters in the Icelandic Formula Off Road Championship. Hella offers some of the best action for the Formula Off Road fans. Crazy jumps and rollovers along with unbelievable river crossing and mud slinging!  

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4x4 Driving on Water

Video: 4x4 Driving on Water - For us mere humans, the act of hydroplaning, or driving on water and losing complete grip of the road is not comfortable. Just like driving on a wet icy road. This is known as "jesus wheeling" - where you just pray to stay alive!

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Formula Offroad - Vestmannaeyjar 2012

Formula Offroad - Vestmannaeyjar 2012 - In this video I will show you some stuff from from the Formula Offroad event in Vestmannaeyjar - West Man Islands just south of Iceland. The area is different from most other places because it had a volcanic eruption in 1973. The competition takes place in the slopes of the new volcano.

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Formula Off Road 2008

Formula Off Road 2008 - Off Road motor sport at its best. Most powerful specially modified 4x4 vehicles taken to the extreme with full throttle and nitro. Hundreds upon hundreds of horses under the hood.

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60 Minutes Australia 4x4 Iceland

60 Minutes Australia 4x4 Iceland Steven Rice as a producer from the Australian 60 minutes contacted me a few weeks ago since he was going to take his team to cover the Icelandic meltdown from a little bit different angle. He wanted to see Formula Off Road 4x4 trucks in action! The day of the shooting is one of the best days of the month. No wind and no clouds.

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