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1987 Land Rover Defender 90

1987 Land Rover Defender 90 - Patrick's 90 has had several identities since it's birth. Started as a stationwagon, has been converted to a commercial vehicle. When he bought it, it had a Discovery 200 Tdi drive train build in. Including disco-suspension and extended shocks. Fedima Extreme tires for offroad use 🙂

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1987 Toyota FJ 60 Landcruiser

1987 Toyota FJ 60 Landcruiser - Dave lives up in the San Bernardino Mountains. He is disabled so he gets to go out and enjoy the trails every week. He takes it easy of course. He is not a rock crawler but likes to watch them. Dave brings his camera and takes pics of other wheelers in action and also the wildlife. He couldn't get there without his Landcruiser.

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1987 Samurai/Chevy

1987 Suzuki Samurai rock crawler with 16' by 94" tow trailer. Chevy 350 motor with Edelbrock intake and carb, 465 tranny low 4 speed, 205 transfer case, Chevy 14 bolt rear locked, Chevy 3/4 ton front locked, 3 link suspension front and rear with coils, brand new 39.5 Super Swamper Irok's, stereo, tool box, 5 point harnesses, 8,000lb winch, fuel cell.

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1987 Jeep Cherokee Chief 4 door

1987 Jeep Cherokee Chief 4 door - Johns Jeep took a lot of work to get it where its at being an older model and he just being a student. He takes it wheeling to Daytona and other places in Florida.

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1987 Chevy Silverado V-10

1987 Chevy Silverado V-10 - Billy's back yard is in Dunbarton, NH we he got bored one day and had no place to go wheelin' so they made a place. He got his stock Chevy Silverado out of a junkyard, then found a junk truck for $150 with a six inch lift and put it in his truck and took the tires off of the other truck.

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1973 GMC/ 1987 S-10 Hybrid

1973 GMC/ 1987 S-10 Hybrid - Lanny Irby's GMC/S-10 hybrid is all show! Every nut & bolt, glass, seals, weather stripping, bearing, bushing, etc. on this truck is NEW!!!

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