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Offroading a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland


Offroading a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland Fred from the south of Netherlands is interested both in offroading as well as Iceland. He sent me a story about his Jimny and a tour to Iceland. Fred took some awesome pictures...

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4x4 Trucks Iceland


Bigger tires for bigger adventures? - When you think of Iceland - what comes to mind? If you answer "Lots of snow and ice with hardly any trees or people" - you would not be too far from the truth 🙂

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Why No Chains In Iceland?

Why No Chains In Iceland? by Evan Wilson (United States) 1st I have to say, I love where you live and what you do and are envious to a high point...maybe before I croke I'll be able to be in an environment such as yours... I have a 95 Wrangler I've been working on, I'd […]

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The Iceland Trophy

The Iceland Trophy - Challenging Winter Offroad Tour After having started our operations slowly but surely during the Winter of 2007 - 2008, we decided to offer a challenging Winter tour in 2009; an adventure tour which would be the icrown jewel of all our tours.

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4x4 Toyota Iceland

Ever growing in popularity the Toyota 4x4s are taken to the extreme in the Icelandic offroads. For years the relatively simple Double Cab with 38 inch modification has been the de facto standard in snow riding. Lately the more luxurious Land Cruiser is gradually filling that space.

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4x4 Nissan Iceland

4x4 Nissan is an extremely popular choice for a fully modified offroad vehicle Icelandic style. The Patrol is big and has a good strong driveline. On 44 inch tires there is not much stopping these polar bears.

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4x4 Mitsubishi Iceland


4x4 Mitsubishi Pajero is a popular type of SUV in Iceland. I don't know why but there are not many with full modification. They seem to be mostly used for lighter summer trips and provide large windows and comfortable seating.

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4x4 Jeep Iceland

The Jeep started a revolution in making the Icelandic highlands available for vehicle access. First introduced by the US army during WWII it quickly got the attention of the locals.

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4x4 Isuzu Iceland

The Isuzu and not the least the Trooper have turned out to be pretty good in Icelandic off-roading so it is a pity Isuzu has stopped producing the Trooper.

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4x4 Ford Iceland

A 4x4 Ford continues to be a popular choice for off roaders. The rugged construction and availability of spare parts and upgrade possibilities are great.

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