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Baja Trophy Trucks - Go FAST in the Desert!

The Baja Trophy Trucks are designed with one clear goal - to drive fast in the desert! Offroad racing in the Baja 500 and 1000 races in Mexico takes racing to a whole new dimension. With 800+ hp and plenty of torque, light weight and long suspension these trucks are often without four-wheel-drive. Taking on […]

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4x4 Trucks Iceland

Bigger tires for bigger adventures? - When you think of Iceland - what comes to mind? If you answer "Lots of snow and ice with hardly any trees or people" - you would not be too far from the truth 🙂

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Used 4x4 Off Road Trucks Today!

Better Deals on Modified 4x4 Vehicles?

When you want to buy a 4x4 truck you'll discover that finding the perfect used 4x4 truck is often hard. Choosing the right used 4x4 Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or any other used truck is difficult. The choice will depend on your own goals and preferences. Before you buy a used 4x4 truck online take extra precautions.

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Chevy Trucks

Chevy Trucks - Chevy trucks have become one of the most popular four wheel drive vehicles of all time. The Chevy truck was born in 1918 when Chevy became part of the General Motors Company. The Chevy truck was part of the plan for General Motors to compete with Ford. The first Chevy trucks were very basic work vehicles that transformed over the years to accommodate the needs of various people and the uses they had for the vehicle.

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Toyota... worlds toughest trucks.

  by Scott (Calgary, AB) Tough guys on a Toyota I know Jeeps are great, and Hummers are great, and Chev's and Fords are super, and Land Rover do really well. But for me and most of the planet...Toyota builds the best. I have had 2. An '82 shortbox 4x4 and a '90 4runner (both […]

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Russian Monster Trucks

VIDEO: Russian Monster Trucks - In this video I will show you some Russian Monster Trucks. Real Siberian Hummers on bad ass tires. The Russian monster trucks with these huge tires show amazing off-road capability. Great floatation on snow and soft ground and some even float on water and have jet powered capability.

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Old Army Trucks in Thorsmork

with them trucks to move troopers and inventory around this barren country. When the war ended the trucks stayed and where used by Icelanders for tasks such as fetching milk from farms or as buses for remote areas.

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