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Dodge W200/M886 1976

Dodge W200/M886 1976 (ex-Army ambulance-modified & registered as camper/motor-home).

1976 Dodge W200/M886

5,2L / 318 small block LA, stock .

A-727 tranny, full time 4x4.

Dana 44 FRT / dana 60 RR --

Stock rims w/1250*16.5 goodridge tires.

FRT & RR suspension reinforced

1976 Dodge W200/M886


I plan to make my-self (w/a modified stock air-filter) a double stage air filter (2 filter elements) w/2 intakes fresh air (a bit like on 440-6pack).

Monroe shocks, visco cluth non thermal, self-made remote oil filter for tranny.
1976 Dodge W200/M886


We go wheeling all family, in Africa (mostly north)....we plan to go more ''Easter'', Turkey, and more.

Trails & roads.

I look for e-Shops in Europe or others addresses to buy parts...

Ciao everybody & keep on truck'n





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