Bad Ass Offroading fun in the Sand

Looks like a great place for some bad ass offroad fun in the Glamis Sand Dunes in California!

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Rainforest Challenge 2015


Since I started offroading, about a decade ago, two events have been on everyone's lips. In rally raid class, the unforgiving Dakar, that is going on as we speak. But, in the extreme challenge class, the infamous Malaysian Rainforest Challenge. Everyone knew it and all spoke of the legend it had become over the years, […]

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Hawaii Offroading: Mudding the Tube Sock!


Hawaii - what a sweet place to go offroading Fred from Dirt Every Day takes his slightly modified Jeep up the trails with the locals. The scenery is just amazing and hitting the dirt of the tropical jungle over there looks fun.

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4x4 Off Roads!

Cooler 4x4 trucks and more offroad freedom!


4x4Offroads is a community united in the love of 4x4 off road trucks and 4 wheeling. Our mission is to help offroaders enjoy their 4x4 truck and experience amazing 4x4 offroad adventures. Our mission is to help you as an off roader and 4x4 owner to enjoy your rig and experience amazing offroading.


Getting your 4x4 rig out in the middle of nowhere. Hoping you have the skills and travelling companions to get out when you're stuck or break stuff.

That's creating an AWESOME adventure!

How To Lift Your 4x4 Truck! How To Lift Your 4x4 Truck!
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The 4x4 Offroad Manifesto

My 4x4 is a way of life. The ultimate freedom and no limits adventure. GO ANYWHERE. Tackle any back road or trail up the hills. Accept the challenge and go wherever I want.
Explore on my 4x4 lifted truck. With those BIG off road tires and plenty of power under the hood. Having fun outdoors with a hot girl sitting next to me.
Live life to the fullest. Doing what other people can't - 4x4s are the four reasons I ain't getting stuck in the mud.
Just Empty Every Pocket in this fun money pit!

Thrandur Arnthorsson
Thrandur is the chief-editor and owner of 4x4 Off Roads and an 4x4 off road enthusiast. Living in Iceland he loves to share the coolest 4x4 trucks and supporting more offroad freedom. Thrandur is the author of the free ebook How to lift your 4x4 truck!.