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4x4Offroads is a community united in the love of 4x4 off road trucks and 4 wheeling. Our mission is to help offroaders enjoy their 4x4 truck and experience amazing 4x4 offroad adventures.

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Custom Sprinter Van - Mercedes Benz Sprinter On 44 Inch Tires

Custom Sprinter Van - Mercedes Benz Sprinter On 44 Inch Tires - Taking brand new stock Mercedes Benz Sprinter and adding four wheel drive with all the modifications needed for 44 inch tires - well - here is the first! Pall Halldorsson is an ex rally driver and off-roading enthusiast. Working for the Icelandic Mercedes shop he got the crazy idea to see if this was possible.

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My Dodge W200 / M880 1977 Project

My Dodge W200 / M880 1977 Project Back in 1995, I bought this M880 truck from a merchant. The trucks this man sold, were all former U.S. army material.

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4x4 Trucks Iceland

Bigger tires for bigger adventures? - When you think of Iceland - what comes to mind? If you answer "Lots of snow and ice with hardly any trees or people" - you would not be too far from the truth 🙂

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4x4 Tech

Gear Ratio Chart - Choosing the best gear ratios for your 4x4 truck

Choosing the best gear ratios for your 4x4 truck - The correct chart for your gear ratio is important for drivability and economy. When you increase the tire size without changing the gear ratio you increase fuel consumption and you can not drive at the low speeds needed for the off roads.

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AT405 Radial

AT405 Radial New 38 Inch Tire Arctic Trucks is now introducing to the Icelandic market the first big off road tire specially made for driving on snow and wet conditions. AT405 radial is like the name suggests a radial tire and it measures 38 inches high.

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Tire Size Calculator

Tire Size Calculator helps in your decision making while planning modifications for your newest project.

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Journey to the Center of Iceland

Journey to the Center of Iceland A few years ago someone on the Icelandic 4x4 club forum asked the simple question "Where is the center of Iceland?" This turned into discussions about methods to calculate the exact point and finally the National Land Survey of Iceland was consulted. Using the coastline in the database and their software to locate the center.

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Getting your 4x4 rig out in the middle of nowhere. Hoping you have the skills and travelling companions to get out when you're stuck or break stuff.

That's creating an AWESOME adventure!

How To Lift Your 4x4 Truck! How To Lift Your 4x4 Truck!
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The 4x4 Offroad Manifesto

My 4x4 is a way of life. The ultimate freedom and no limits adventure. GO ANYWHERE. Tackle any back road or trail up the hills. Accept the challenge and go wherever I want.
Explore on my 4x4 lifted truck. With those BIG off road tires and plenty of power under the hood. Having fun outdoors with a hot girl sitting next to me.
Live life to the fullest. Doing what other people can't - 4x4s are the four reasons I ain't getting stuck in the mud.
Just Empty Every Pocket in this fun money pit!

Thrandur Arnthorsson
Thrandur is the chief-editor and owner of 4x4 Off Roads and an 4x4 off road enthusiast. Living in Iceland he loves to share the coolest 4x4 trucks and supporting more offroad freedom. Thrandur is the author of the Udemy course How to modify your cool 4x4 truck!.

1996 Jeep XJ Cherokee

John Carson lives in Auckland New Zealand and owns this cool Jeep XJ Cherokee.  Is a great all round truck that owes him around NZD 8000.00,  the parts ex the USA are cheap and of great quality! What modifications have you done for your 4x4 and what are your future plans? 4.5" Long arm kit […]

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Formula Offroad Extreme 2017 - Akranes Iceland

Results - Unlimited Magnus Sigurdsson - Cube- 1168 Haukur Vidar Einarsson - Hekla - 1021 Atli Jamil Asgeirsson - Thunderbolt - 1005   Results - Street Legal Sveinbjorn Reynisson Haukur Birgisson Steingrimur Bjarnason  

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1980's Chevy 3/4 ton

Justin McFarlane from Vancouver BC owns this custom built 1980's Chevy 3/4 ton. It's chopped 10" with some channeled /reinforced rock guards and 18" lift. Total 41" from stock height! Lockers front and back with rollcage and a 383 stroker 460hp engine. Tires are 38.5 Super Swampers.

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