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4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 project

Restoring a legend!

4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 - start

4x4 Ford Bronco got quite popular early on. Its coil spring front suspension and automatic transmission made the Bronco a true luxury truck from the beginning. There is something about the looks of the early Bronco that is appealing to many and the durability can be seen in how many are still in full use and how popular they are for rebuilding.


This is a story about the restoration and modifications done on a 1974 Ford Bronco. A Bronco that has stayed in the same family for many years - giving it character and soul.

4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 - start

This is how the 4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 looked before the restoration and rebuilding project started.

4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 - Before picture

With the original 302 engine and C4 transmission still functional but getting a bit worn - same could be said about the body.

Lot of work to do

Starting the project and making the Bronco ready for sandblasting.

Looks bad!

This will be quite a task!

Body prepared

After sandblasting and first layer of paint.

4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 - used for recovery

Brand new paintjob in an Easter wheeling trip rescuing a stuck Toyota LC.

 New driveline and frame

Preparing the new frame and driveline to be used.

Body thrown off

Rusty body thrown off!

Axle moved back

Rear axle moved back 14 cm (about 5") and a four link suspension built.

4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 - rear suspension

Brand new coil spring rear suspension.

Four link suspension

All welding done and only more sandblasting and paintwork to do.

Frame painted

Spray painting the frame.

4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 - Front left

Restored body fitted on the rebuilt and modified frame.

Bronco looks good!

4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 - Front

The engine is a strong 1969 351W 4V, delivering 290 hp@4800, torque 385nm@3200 and combustion 10.7

C6 transmission and NP 205 transfer case.

38 inch Mudders with Dana 44 front and 9" rear with lockers front and rear and 4:10 gear ratio.

Barrel test

Testing the suspension range reveals that it passes the barrel test with all tires on the ground!

Wedding wheeling

A fully restored and modified 4x4 Ford Bronco 1974 can be used for the finest occasions - even a wedding.

Pictures and text by owner: Elias R. Eliasson

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