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4x4 Mitsubishi Iceland

4x4 Mitsubishi Pajero is a popular type of SUV in Iceland. I don't know why but there are not many with full modification. They seem to be mostly used for lighter summer trips and provide large windows and comfortable seating.

Here are a few modified Pajeros.

Mitsubishi Pajero 38

A newer body style Pajero on 38" Ground Hawg IIs ready for some good wheeling.

Mitsubishi Pajero 38

Older Pajero on 38s.

A great looking Mitsubishi Pajero on brand new 38 inch Trxus tires. The number plate reads DITTO.

Thrandur Arnthorsson
Thrandur is the chief-editor and owner of 4x4 Off Roads and an 4x4 off road enthusiast. Living in Iceland he loves to share the coolest 4x4 trucks and supporting more offroad freedom. If you want to get YOUR 4x4 featured on 4x4OffRoads you can post your story here.
4x4 Mitsubishi

4x4 Mitsubishi

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Starting 4x4 production with the L200 pickup in the 70s and then in 1982 the advanced and popular Shogun (Montero or Pajero in some parts of the world). Mitsubishi 4x4 trucks are popular all over the world though, for some reason, not so much in the US. Mitsubishi h ...

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