4x4 - Cooler 4x4 Trucks!

My 4x4 is a way of life. The ultimate freedom and no limits adventure. GO ANYWHERE. Tackle any back road or trail up the hills. Accept the challenge and go wherever I want.

How to modify your cool 4x4 truck!


How To Lift Your 4x4 Truck! - Simple step-by-step guide to a more capable 4x4!

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2500 HP Engine on the test-bed!


Dyno testing this twin turbo engine looks like a BLAST! Beginning with this beast braking the scale. Not easy - as it also runs HOT! This 632 cubic inch (10.4 liter) mirror twin turbo bad boy has to be one of the meanest engines Nelson Racing Engines has ever designed. They have to go to extreme measures to test […]

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1964 Hanomag Al28 4x4


Rick Botts owns this trusty 1964 Hanomag Al28 4x4. He lives in Germany and offroad vehicles are his way of life! He also owns a Lada Niva 4x4 and a dunebuggy. The Truck is only a 2,7l Diesel with a blower and the max speed is 80 km/h. Only modifications are a new solar battery charger and new tires. The […]

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Ultimate Off Road Camper!


Ultimate Caravan Camper - Bran Ferren's KiraVan  "Swiss army knife on wheels" This HUGE truck is meant to be the ultimate exploration vehicle. A pet project for designer Bran Ferren, who wants to take his design as far as he can and not be limited by a mediocre committee. The KiraVan is a true marvel and […]

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4x4 - Experience the MAGIC of 4 wheeling


4x4 - The World Off Road. The 4x4 magic can be enjoyed by just about anyone that has the desire to get out and get one with machine in nature.

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Hawaii Offroading: Mudding the Tube Sock!


Hawaii - what a sweet place to go offroading 🙂 Fred from Dirt Every Day takes his slightly modified Jeep up the trails with the locals. The scenery is just amazing and hitting the dirt of the tropical jungle over there looks fun.

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Offroading a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland


Offroading a Suzuki Jimny in Iceland Fred from the south of Netherlands is interested both in offroading as well as Iceland. He sent me a story about his Jimny and a tour to Iceland. Fred took some awesome pictures...

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Toyota Land Cruiser Australia


Toyota Land Cruiser Australia - An Icelandic truck modified in Australia. perhaps of the only 4x4 in Australia legal on 44 inch tires!

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Pinzgauer VS Suburban


Pinzgauer VS Suburban Clay started off last Summer season just busting buttons, after close to twenty years of giving 4X4 tours in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, he was finally getting a chance to drive a vehicle that was truly different.

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Nissan Patrol 1993 - 44 Inch Modification

Nissan Patrol 1993 44 Inch Modification

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Magnetic North Pole OffRoad


Magnetic North Pole OffRoad - BBC's television show Top Gear, approached Toyota GB with the idea of undertaking the Challenge in a car, something never before attempted. Because of its proven toughness the Toyota Hilux was chosen for the job. They planned to pit the car in a race against the tried and tested method of getting around in the Arctic - dog sled.

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Toyota 4Runner on 44 Inch Tires


Toyota 4Runner on 44 Inch Tires Jon G. Snaeland is one of the most active 4 wheelers in Iceland. He is in the board of the Icelandic 4x4 club and owns this "slightly" modified Toyota 4 Runner. The 4Runner is fully equipped to handle the most demanding terrain and is supported by a set of 44 inch Dick Cepec tires.

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