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Southern Arizona Adventures

by Ghost Town Hunter
(Tucson Arizona)

There are many great trails winding through the Santa Rita mountain range between Tucson and Patagonia. I have run these trails almost every weekend for the last year with my wife always bringing a picnic lunch.
Most of the trails are easily navigated in a stock 4WD (mine is a 2004 Ford Explorer) but there are areas that are very challenging if you desire to take them.

The area is full of Ghost Towns, mines, cemeteries and great views.

There is also an abundance of wildlife especially in the Spring & Fall when the temperatures are cooler.

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Readers Comments

I really enjoy seeing real 4WD vehicles in real situations where they are needed. There are so many highway bound posers that never go off the pavement here that seeing life or death 4 wheeling in Iceland is really refreshing.

It is fun to read about other people's Offroading adventures and also learning from the up and downs of their adventure!

The whole 4x4 thing is new to me so i have a lot to catch up on, i am going to get involved in a 4x4 club here in Varna as there are vast amounts of tracks and mountains to explore the news letter is boss:) and i especially like to look at readers rigs

Not all people know how to go offroad,prepare vehicles to go offroad, or know how to get themselfs prepared to go offroad. this website is a wonderful way for people to learn how.I even learn some new tricks.thanks