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How to modify your cool 4x4 truck!

How To Lift Your 4x4 Truck! - Simple step-by-step guide to a more capable 4x4!

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1964 Hanomag Al28 4x4

Rick Botts owns this trusty 1964 Hanomag Al28 4x4. He lives in Germany and offroad vehicles are his way of life! He also owns a Lada Niva 4x4 and a dunebuggy. The Truck is only a 2,7l Diesel with a blower and the max speed is 80 km/h. Only modifications are a new solar battery charger and new tires. The […]

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Bigfoot 4x4

Crazy Monster Truck?

The 11.000 pound massive Bigfoot has to be one of the most extreme 4x4 truck out there! Being the very first monster truck ever built it certainly set the bar high for all of the other popular monster trucks that have followed in its wake. This bad ass 4x4 is built with the body of a Ford F150 2010 truck.

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4x4 Trucks Iceland

Bigger tires for bigger adventures? - When you think of Iceland - what comes to mind? If you answer "Lots of snow and ice with hardly any trees or people" - you would not be too far from the truth 🙂

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Used 4x4 Off Road Trucks Today!

Better Deals on Modified 4x4 Vehicles?

When you want to buy a 4x4 truck you'll discover that finding the perfect used 4x4 truck is often hard. Choosing the right used 4x4 Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or any other used truck is difficult. The choice will depend on your own goals and preferences. Before you buy a used 4x4 truck online take extra precautions.

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4x4 Offroad Tires!

How to select the perfect 4x4 offroad tire?

Belief it or not, after the truck it self, the off road tires
along with the appropriate wheels are the most
important ingredient to a good usable 4x4!

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Chevy Trucks

Chevy Trucks - Chevy trucks have become one of the most popular four wheel drive vehicles of all time. The Chevy truck was born in 1918 when Chevy became part of the General Motors Company. The Chevy truck was part of the plan for General Motors to compete with Ford. The first Chevy trucks were very basic work vehicles that transformed over the years to accommodate the needs of various people and the uses they had for the vehicle.

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4x4 Indonesia

4x4 indonesia

4x4 Indonesia In 1986, my father gave me a 1984 Toyota Landcruiser, with the original diesel engine. I brought my Toyota from Jakarta to Medan (North Sumatera) (vv) it's about 6000km with my friend and some parts of the journey passing the offroad from Jambi to Palembang (in Sumatera)

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3 Ridiculous 4x4 Ideas Made Reality!

The off-road industry can be truly bizarre at times. A few beers with the buddies after you’re done installing your new coil springs and shocks from 4 Wheel Parts and the next thing you know, you’ve mounted a Jeep grill to your wall in place of your living room overhead light.

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Toyota Hilux 4x4 1989 Mk3

Toyota Hilux 4x4 1989 Mk3 Simon from UK has this impressive Toyota Hilux. It is running 49 inch tires with all the lift needed to do that.

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Toyota 4Runner

Offroad adventure ready 4x4 Toyota?

The Toyota 4Runner is quite popular among offroaders and has been since its introduction in 1984. The first 4Runner was a small SUV clearly just a Toyota Hilux pickup with a fiberglass shell to cover the bed. Through the years it has developed to be a decent size SUV with usable offroad capability.

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Sportsmobile - Extreme 4x4 Van that is a brand apart! In 1961, Charles Borsky put down the base for the legendary company in Texas. Almost half a century later, the legacy lives on. What is the Sportsmobile and what makes it so special?

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