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Willys Jeep 1951

I am from Pakistan. And I am working as a managing director in a flour mill here. My only hobbies are gym and 4x4s 🙂

Willys Jeep 1951

I own a Willys jeep 1951 (M 38). It is in its original condition, original engine. No alterations at all. I am looking for someone who can buy it at reasonable price. And if I can't find a reasonable buyer then I want to change its engine, its tyres, rims everything.

Willys Jeep 1951

It has practical accessories like the shovel and the axe.

Willys Jeep 1951 - seating arrangements

Seating arrangements in the Willys.

Willys Jeep 1951 - Engine

Willys 1951 original engine.

Here its very very hard to restore a jeep cause of lack of spear parts.

I am also making a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 40 soft top.

Ali Khan